The Revelstoke, two-bedroom apartments from £769,000, Lauristons New Homes

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Selling New Homes across South and South West London for a range of developers every year, Lauristons are now helping to find buyers for the exciting boutique builder Style and Space.  One of Style and Space’s latest development is in Wimbledon Park where its futuristic design demonstrates the way that dramatic, modern buildings can enhance and re- invent residential housing, while sitting comfortably in the existing street scene.

The Revelstoke, in Revelstoke Road, is near leafy Wimbledon Park and just 10 minutes walk from the centre of Southfields and even closer to Earlsfield. It is a sensational boutique development of two and three-bedroom apartments. The concept is modernity through and through. On the outside, bricks, oxidised metal and double height windows make a visual statement of the best in contemporary residential design. Each apartment features beautifully conceived spaces, natural lighting and quality down to the finest detail.
The Revelstoke offers a rare opportunity to experience stylish apartment living in one of London’s most desirable urban villages. It is characterised by inspirational modern design and extraordinary attention to detail. Large windows and light-wells allow plenty of natural light to spill into the apartments and yet they are orientated to maintain privacy. The kitchens and bathrooms are beautifully conceived and fitted with storage space. The nine apartments have been designed to make the maximum use of space and the potential of the site has been realised by creating full basements, as well as mixing duplex and lateral apartments over four floors. The duplex form allows the basement to be used for bedrooms, linked to living accommodation on the level above. Private gardens and balconies ensure all the apartments have their own outdoor space, while planting to the front and rear of the properties helps to green-up the surrounding neighbourhood.

The design, although startling and modern, also reflects the local context and sits comfortably within the street scene, re-inventing the local residential building stock. Previously the site was used as a carpet warehouse and a return to residential use restores something of the original feel of the neighbourhood.

The Revelstoke, two-bedroom apartments from £769,000, three beds from £800,000, Lauristons New Homes 020 8879 9099, newhomessales@


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