Tips for a good lawn

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Lawns now look better if mown weekly. Avoid scalping grass by cutting it too short because if we have a dry summer longer grass is less prone to drought. Mow when the grass is dry and always use a mower that collects the grass otherwise it caused bald patches.

Nature lovers might try just mowing a path through part of the grass leaving dandelions, buttercups and daises for the bees to enjoy.

Lawncare. Removing lawn weeds using a dandelion removal tool.

Compacted grass doesn’t grow very well, so try to aerate the soil by pushing a garden fork into the lawn every few inches or so and opening up the soil. Bare patches can be filled in with patches of turf or you can re sow with seed. Make sure that the re-seeded patches are left to grow up before mowing them.

Water new lawns well but although established lawns that are left unwatered will turn brown they will green up again in the autumn.


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