How to boost the value of your home

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Are you thinking about moving? If you’re serious about selling your home, then there is no better time to show some extra care  for your property.

Of course, if you have taken good care of your property throughout the years, then this will show.  A well-cared for property will be easy to spot by buyers – it can contribute towards helping to sell your home and, crucially, get a good deal!

And if you want to make a really good first impression with prospective buyers, other than regular maintenance, you can consider other steps that could boost the value of your home further still –  and all without necessarily spending a fortune.

The time and effort you invest now, will help to secure a sale and a good deal for you and help towards purchasing your next home.

So, here are some of my top tips to help add value to your home ahead of a sale.

Whilst there is no single change that can guarantee a sale at your asking price, there are steps  you can take to make the best first impression.

Overall, your house needs to feel as light, clean, spacious and cared for as possible. You could also:


Great photos can really help to sell your home and it’s amazing what a lick of paint can do – and mirrors too! But don’t forget about the outside of your home and your front door. Time spent repainting the exterior and sprucing up your front door, can also help to achieve the desired ‘kerb appeal’.

Do some renovation:

If money and time allows, how about a loft or garage conversion, or even building a conservatory? If done right, all these things can certainly add more value.

Living in an urban area where parking is at a premium, you could pave your front garden to allow for off-street parking. In prime city locations, this change alone could add up to £50,000 to your property’s value.

Time to dig out your DIY gear or find a trusted tradesman in your local area to help do the work for you!

Name your home:

For no cost at all (surprisingly!), you could consider naming your property. All you would need is approval from your local council and confirmation from Royal Mail.

Apply for planning permission:

Whilst it may seem somewhat illogical if you are serious about moving, just having approved planning permission in place can be an added incentive for prospective buyers.

If you believe there is room for improvement and have the time to apply, then this is a good option to consider. If you need a good, local surveyor to help you, please click here.

Garden maintenance:

In urban areas, gardens come at a premium. A well-maintained, attractive  garden, however small, can have huge appeal to potential buyers, so don’t neglect it!

I’ve got some great tips to help make the most of small outside spaces. If you rather someone else did the maintenance for you, you can always find good, local gardeners.

If you’re still struggling to sell your home, there are other factors to consider. Ask yourself if your estate agent is being proactive enough or if perhaps the area is putting people off?

Need help with jobs around your home?  Find a local tradesman.

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