Spring Forward

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Now is the time to get the spring bulbs in. It’s a good time to share a wholesale order with a friend to get best value from your online purchases. And shop around rather than focusing on one site.  Maybe if you know an expert gardener find out where they buy their bulbs. Ideal choices for a late winter and early spring display include snowdrops, crocus, tulips, daffodils and scilla.

This is also the time to plant wallflowers. Wallflowers bring dazzling colour and fabulous scent to your garden in the spring and are incredibly hardy, surviving frosts and rain. You can either buy plug plants and grow accisotret.com indoors until they are about 10 cms high before planting out preferably in mid September. Alternatively you can often find a bundle of the plants in garden centres or markets, these can be planted out as soon as you get them home.

While digging in muddy ground in the cold is unappealing, the wonderful colourful display come spring makes it all worth while.  Experts tell you to prepare the ground with organic matter and a good dig over before planting but wallflowers are incredibly forgiving and tend to come up however carelessly they are stuffed in the ground. 


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