Sell Your Home Faster

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Jane Robathan , Marketing Manager at Roy Brooks gives her top tips to selling your home.

By vamping up your home’s best bits, you’ll sell it faster and for more. If buyers see problems, they won’t be as motivated. Problems include smells, lack of space, not light enough and lots of repairs. You can prepare your property quickly and easily for sale, here’s our advice:

1   First impressions count. Clean or repaint your front door. Tidy your front garden, move your bins, sweep your path. Clean your hallway, tidy away shoes and coats and make sure you hall feels welcoming, airy and bright. If you’ve a dark hallway, put up a large mirror.

2   Clean everything. Clean your windows inside and out, your floors, walls, shelves, bookcases everything. Replace mouldy bathroom/kitchen sealant and clean tile grout.

3   Repair all the little things that need attention: leaky taps, dripping gutters, holes in walls, chipped tiles, broken light fixtures, wonky door knobs and carpet stains can all be put right.

4   Declutter. Clear our your paperwork, piles of clothes and rid yourself of any unwanted or unused items. If space is tight, store things in good-looking boxes that can be put under beds or on top of wardrobes or ask a friend if they could store things for you. Clear out cupboards (viewers will open them) so things are neatly put away, with space to spare! It’s very important your home looks big enough to live in.

5   Try to keep kitchen worktops as clear as possible. If your kitchen is tired, you can replace unit doors very cheaply in Ikea or by getting a carpenter to cut MDF to size and paint it.

6   If you can, repaint the interior – you don’t have to use professional decorators. Choose white, light grey or an off-white. Now is not the time to experiment with orange.

7   Eliminate bad smells. If your drain smells dodgy, use drain cleaner or baking soda overnight to clean it up. Make sure teenager’s rooms don’t have rotting food left in them and empty the kitchen bin before viewings.

8   If any part of the property is a little dark, use mirrors or floor lamps to brighten them up.

9   Plant a few fresh, colourful plants in the garden. Cut the grass, prune where necessary, tidy borders, clean the patio and leave (clean) garden furniture out.


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