How to Sell Your Home this Christmas

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Think that Christmas is a bad time to sell your home? Think again!

On Boxing Day in 2018, over 2 million people were reported to search for property online.

For many people, Christmas is the time to relax and do nothing.

For others, it’s a time to look to the future, make plans and some new year’s resolutions. A lengthy stay at home might also highlight some long-standing property problems, which can no longer be ignored.

Roll on the property search then for something new and better…

With the countdown to Christmas getting shorter, time is of the essence! You need to make sure your home is well presented, the best photos taken and all the marketing underway ready for the online Boxing Day browsers. 

Here are some top tips to help you sell your home at Christmas

Smarten up your home

At this time of year, you’ll most likely have your Christmas Tree and decorations installed.

Top tip: Try to have photos taken of your home before the decorations go up!

Ensure your place looks tidy and inviting. Perhaps hold back from putting up some of your larger decorations, just in case your potential buyers feel overwhelmed.

Other things to consider are:

  • complete any small, outstanding DIY jobs you had planned,
  • fix any tatty parts of your wallpaper
  • get a professional to help you treat any damp problems
  • touch-up some of the paint on your walls if necessary

Don’t neglect the outside of your home either! A tidy drive, pathway and garden also make a lasting first impression.

Choose the right agent

You need to choose your estate agent carefully. Select an agent that is experienced, enthusiastic and helpful.

Consider the estate agency’s marketing reach and do not automatically choose the agent that gives the highest sale price. Asking too high a price could put off potential buyers- just be realistic!

If you want your agent to go the extra mile to speed up your sale, you could offer an attractive commission rate to motivate their efforts.

Get ready for viewings

Whilst traditionally you might wait to take down your decorations until January 7, if you are serious about selling and have viewings booked in just after Christmas, you might need to take a different approach this year.

You need to help potential buyers to imagine themselves living there – you could start with the following steps:

  • Depersonalise your home – try and cut down the amount of kids’ toys spilling out of drawers and family photographs on show.
  • Make more space – try and move as much clutter into storage as you can.
  • You may love your pets but potential buyers may not. I would suggest making sure they are not in the house during viewings.
  • Make your home smell lovely – this may not help to sell but a bad smell can certainly put people off.

Provide all the facts about your property

You could speed up the process of selling by getting as much of the legally required paperwork completed as early as possible.

Providing your potential buyers with clear and transparent information about your property will help to attract viewings and offers from serious, prospective buyers.

Gazeal offers you the opportunity to make your property information available to buyers, bringing efficiency and speed to the sales process.

Plan your next purchase

Assuming that you are selling in order to buy another property, it’s vital you have a clear list of criteria of what you want from your new home, and are able to differentiate between your needs and your wants.

Being prepared and having a clear plan will help you stay focused, save time on wasted viewings and hopefully allow you to target your search at the most suitable properties only.

Good luck with your property sale and a Merry Christmas!

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