How to Save Money When Moving Home: Top Tips

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Ask anyone you know, moving home is a stressful event.

Being prepared is always key, but on the actual day of the move, things can still go wrong.

So, it’s important to take charge as much as possible.

In the lead up to the big day, you can at least ensure that you have full control of the money spent on moving, thereby avoiding the additional financial stress. To help you get the best deal on moving, here are my tips to help you save money on moving day.

Start to Declutter

The last thing you want is to pay for items of furniture to be moved, which you haven’t used in years and are just as unlikely to use in your home. This might just reduce your removal quote on the day when the removals company comes to quote for the move.

This really is the best time to clear out unwanted items, big or small. But remember to start early as it’s surprising how long it takes to go through everything.

Choose the Right Removal Quote for You

Removal quotes can vary considerably in price and also depend on what part of the country you live in.

  • You should aim to get at least three removals companies to quote

They will often provide multiple costs for several options. Obviously, the cheapest option is for you to do all the packing by yourself.

Just beware that this is incredibly time consuming and stressful too. Often removals companies will not insure boxes packed by you, if they are damaged in transit – always check their terms and conditions.

However, you might be protected if your move is covered under your Home Insurance, check with your provider if this is the case.

Need help with finding a removals company? Get a removal quote online here.

Don’t Pay Deposit Too Early

Most removal companies will charge a deposit to confirm your booking and secure the date required for the move.

Obviously you want to be absolutely sure that the date is agreed by all parties in  your chain, so save paying this deposit until you have the green light for moving day from your solicitor.

Settle Final Bills at Your Old Property

You don’t want to be paying double costs for bills at your old property and your new home.

  • Make sure you inform your energy and broadband providers before moving day of your intention to move
  • Give them the date of your move and provide them with an accurate meter reading if applicable

This will ensure that you are not charged for any costs  after the date you vacate your old  property.

Switch Energy and Broadband Supplier

This is the best time to review energy providers for your new property to help save you money.

There is nothing to say you have to stay with your current energy or broadband providers. So, shop around for the best deals to help save you more money in the future.

Get Help From Friends and Family

Now is not the time to manage everything all on your own. Friends and family are usually very happy to help you out with moving, you just need to ask.

You might even discover that they would be happy to store a few items temporarily at their property, reducing the cost for transit by a removal company. So, don’t be shy and reach out for help.

Make sure you choose the best removals company for you – good luck!

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