Hilton Bankside reveals the ultimate creative space.

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The Hilton hotel at London Bankside has launched what it claims is the world’s best meeting room called The Agora.

The idea is to stimulate creativity with features designed by Bompas & Parr. These range from flooding the room with scented air at the push of a button to specially curated objects, mood-improving lighting installations and refreshments.

Taking pride of place in the middle of the room is a custom-built table featuring inlaid ley lines pointing to sites of creativity around Bankside including The Globe, The Tate, British Film Institute and Royal Festival Hall.

Other key features include an emergency creativity button that jets out cool air scented with flavours such as lemon oil (stimulating signals in the brain), peppermint (invigorating the mind) and cinnamon (research shows this enhances creativity). 

The latest in interactive screen technology will be available – a 75-inch screen allows seamless, wireless connection and communication with guests’ own devices, ending the misery of connection difficulties often experienced in meeting rooms. 

The room also features a sculptural wall with in-built displays for artwork and objects designed to inspire.

The creativity tea station has a tea menu including brain-boosting ingredients such as Bee Pollen (to increase dopamine and serotonin levels), Ginkgo (to increase blood circulation in the brain), Kelp (to improve memory) and Brahmi (which helps regulate the balance of the mind).


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