Day in the life of a Trainee Solicitor

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Kenneth Anom, a trainee solicitor at national law firm Stirling Ackroyd Legal describes a typical day. Kenneth is based at the firm’s head office in London.

8.00 am 
I like to arrive early, especially on Mondays when the office is still quiet, and I can have some time to review my task list for the day and for the week ahead. This helps me to work out what I need to prioritise. I can also check the calendars to look at the meetings and appointments that have been scheduled by the partners and associates I am working with.

9.00 am
I check my emails and tackle any urgent matters that require my immediate attention. For instance, a client may have sent an email over the weekend requesting clarity on the use/structuring of a special-purpose vehicle in a corporate transaction, or on some other issue.

I am presently in my first seat as a trainee solicitor within our corporate department. As a trainee, I am always mindful to run all advice and decisions past my supervisors to ensure that they are legally and commercially sound. The team gives me as much support as I need and, as I develop, I am given more responsibility.

10.30 am 
The corporate, commercial and litigation teams hold a weekly conference call across all of the Stirling Ackroyd Legal offices on a Monday morning. We discuss the work that we anticipate being involved in that week and allocate tasks accordingly. Having worked within different firms in the past, I find that regular communication between branches provides a valuable insight into the firm as a whole and is a good opportunity to learn more about the matters that other members of the team are working on, and to offer assistance where needed.

11:30 am:
I receive a call from one of the senior partners. A client has attended our head office with an urgent commercial matter. With my pen and notepad, I go down to meet them. I cannot stress the importance of keeping clear, concise notes, because information is vitally important and can be crucial to the case at hand.

Following the meeting, I discuss the matter further with the senior partner and consider a plan of action. I reflect on my notes and voice my opinions. This is a relatively new area for me, so I have the opportunity to ask for clarification on any points that were raised in the meeting that I was unsure of.

1.00 pm
Lunchtime. As an avid gym member, I tend to prepare my lunches in advance. Lunchtime is a great opportunity to catch up with fellow colleagues, get some fresh air and more importantly, food in my belly. 

2.00 pm
After catching up with a few of the trainee solicitors on my way back to my desk, I check my emails and get back to my task list for the day. I have been asked to draft Heads of Terms pertaining to a prospective corporate merger.

4.00 pm
I also maintain a portfolio of residential and commercial property transactions. I meet with another senior partner with a list of queries I have relating to a few residential property matters. The team at Stirling Ackroyd Legal are very friendly and approachable and we are always encouraged to feed the flow of communication, whether it is in writing, via phone calls or asking questions to members of the team. 

5:15 pm
Today we have a drafting workshop, which is run by one of our partners. This is an interactive session and we work as a group (over sandwiches and cake!) to consider a draft agreement and discuss modifications and improvements that can be made to a number of the clauses.

6.30 pm
I dictate my meeting notes from the client meeting I had earlier in the day, just in case we need to refer to them later. I then check and respond to some emails before I head off to the gym.

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