How To Secure Your Next Move

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Did you experience stress and worry and not to mention, wasted expense, the last time you moved home? Then you know how inefficient the current home buying and selling process can be.

Recent research shows that as many as one in six buyers in England and Wales suffer from gazumping, and a third of purchases fall through in the first three weeks. Sadly, gazumping is still alive and kicking in many parts of the country.

But how can you avoid the heartache of gazumping? And have greater control, transparency and security the next time you move home?

Here is my view on how you could make your next property move the most efficient and secure yet! 

Choose a faster and more secure process

Gazeal, a proptech company, is literally changing the way we buy and sell our homes by bringing clarity, certainty and speed to the legal process of buying and selling.

Currently, the average time between an offer being accepted and the exchange of contracts is just over 100 days – the longer the time drags on, the greater the risk of a deal falling through. But, through Gazeal, you can slash this time significantly and secure your deal much earlier for peace of mind.

Firstly, their online system provides full transparency of all necessary legal documents about a property, meaning that a buyer has access to all the information they need at the time they most need it – before they make an offer! Once an offer is accepted, because it’s already available, the entire legal pack is sent to the buyer’s solicitor within minutes, making the whole process super efficient.

Secondly, Gazeal enables buyers and sellers to agree a deal that has legal force right from the start, through its reservation agreement. This can spare weeks of uncertainty and prevents the heartache and expense that comes with the dreaded gazumping and gazundering.

Why I support a more efficient process

My aim has always been to support home movers by making the buying and selling process simpler and more efficient. Key to achieving this is to reduce the risk of deals falling through, which happens all too often in our current system.

If you choose to Gazeal your deal, you will be choosing a more efficient, secure and faster process to sell or buy your home.

You should choose Gazeal if you want:

  • Full transparency
  • Greater security – a sale can be made legally binding much earlier than the current stage of exchange of contracts
  • Speed – as legal documents, including searches, are raised up front, as soon as a property is listed, the whole process becomes much faster
  • Reduced risk of gazumingp or gazundering
  • Improved rate of successful property transactions

How to get started

Estate agents across the country are now signed up to Gazeal and can offer buyers and sellers the option to take this route. To identify approved agents look for the Gazeal approved logo in your estate agent’s window or ask them if they are signed up.

Gazeal and Move iQ can connect you to approved conveyancing solicitors, who all know the Gazeal process, understand the reservation agreement and are ready to transact on a property on your behalf.

Take control of your next home move

The hardest part of buying and selling a home is the weeks of uncertainty and waiting around.

This innovative approach enables you to have peace of mind and clarity over what is happening at every stage of the process.

Hope you can Gazeal the deal on your next home move – good luck!

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