A Daring Day of Giving

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Sam Sprosten, Partner at Knight Frank, is raising money for Rainbow Trust and the team at London Property South caught up with him to find out about the event. “Every two years” Sam told London Property South, “Knight Frank do a ‘Day of Giving’. The whole firm joins forces to help raise money for our chosen charities. One of those charities is the Rainbow Trust and this year’s activity was sky diving.

The Rainbow Trust supports families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. Its Family Support Workers offer each member of the family individually tailored support to help them from the child’s diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. ” I had a target of £1,000″ says Sam “but I’d love to hit £2,000!”

The day got off to a bad start with thick fog delaying the first jumps. Sam was ready and in all the gear but had to wait for 4 hours which only helped fuel his fears of the jump. The organisers @goskydive were very well organised, and Sam was told that the plane they were jumping out of cost £1.5m as they had upgraded the engine. Getting to 15,000ft would take 12 minutes rather than 25 minutes,  “I was thankful there wasn’t more time to contemplate the unknown.”

“I was strapped to the back of the instructor and when the green light signalled in the cabin we shuffled down to the opening. My legs dangling out and the ground looking a long way down! The first sensation is one of weightlessness and a little turn in the stomach, but then you feel the air whooshing past. I was wearing goggles but air still got to my eyes so they started streaming as I was trying to look around and take in the view. Next I felt pressure in my ears building, a little like when you’re going up in a lift at speed and then I noticed that the thin air made breathing a little more difficult. Sounds great doesn’t it?  I was actually really enjoying it and after a full minute of freefall the parachute opened and then you notice again that there is someone attached to you. You dangle there like a baby in a harness and take in the surroundings. The instructor handed over the controls to the parachute and we had a bit of fun doing corkscrews. You get around 5 minutes of this and bar the harness digging into ones groin, it was amazing . A smooth landing and then you’re taken back to the training camp where download your photos and kiss the grass!”

Help Sam reach £2000 for The Rainbow Trust and donate here https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/samsprostonskydive


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