How to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

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When was the last time you looked closely at your energy or utility bills? Do you think you might be paying too much? Have you done anything about it?

There’s a lot to consider in maintaining your home, or indeed when you first move into a new property. Often the idea of reviewing your energy providers means too much work and it’s easy to push it down to the bottom of your To Do list.

But, it really doesn’t take much effort to save money on utility bills. From simple changes in behaviours to switching energy providers, you can start to cut costs almost instantly.

Unsure where to start? Here are my top tips.

Switch Utility Providers

With so many online energy comparison sites now available, it has never been easier or simpler to switch energy providers to save on your monthly bills. So, what are you waiting for?

There’s often a more attractive deal available online!

  • Enter your postcode and a few more details (such as who supplies your current gas and electricity deals and how much you spend on average for your bills).
  • Check if you are on the most cost-effective energy deal – or not – by calculating how much you could be paying.

With Uswitch energy comparison, we can help to find the best deals for you.

Once you have carried out the cost comparisons and decide to switch suppliers, you can do this quickly and easily online, through the same energy comparison site.

Moving home?

This is arguably the best time to review your energy supplier – start afresh and on the very best deal for you.

Once you’ve moved in, ensure you do the following:

  • take meter readings in your new property;
  • give the meter readings to the current supplier if the previous occupant hasn’t done so already, as you won’t want to pay for their energy usage;
  • establish what type of meters the property has.

Remember, if you haven’t set up a new deal with an energy supplier, you will likely be put on their standard tariff (which is usually the most expensive).

If your bills remain sky high, run an energy comparison on your property and find out instantly if there is a more cost-effective deal you could be on.

Use less energy at home

How, you may ask? Simple changes in behaviour and a little investment can make a big difference to your spend, so try taking these steps:

  • switch off lights when you leave a room
  • use energy saving light bulbs
  • install a water meter – this will ensure you only pay for water you use
  • get a smart meter – insights from this meter should help to change your behaviours, saving you money in the long term
  • turn down your thermostat a degree – it will make a cost saving!

Keep your home well insulated

Heat loss can occur in multiple places around your home – your chimneys, doors, windows, floorboards or roof.

You can prevent heat from escaping by ensuring you have adequate insulation in place. You could also:

Maintain your home

Simple, routine checks can help to keep running your home as efficiently as possible to keep costs down:

  • invest in an efficient boiler – helping to avoid costly repair bills;
  • flush out your central heating system by bleeding your radiators to clear it of debris, helping it to work more efficiently;
  • install solar panels – this is definitely a long term investment but remember that solar panels are able to generate electricity even on cloudy days!

Interested in switching utilities? Get started today!

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