Seeing the light

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This sweltering summer has made people re-think vast areas of glass – expect for those who have benefited from new advances in glazing that reduces heat.

Kaap Studio Architects are using large elevations of glass to create contemporary designs, with the addition of solar control glass – a coating that reduces short wave radiation that travels through the glass, keeping the house cool inside.

A glass box extension has been created to give a dark end terrace London house extra space and light that saw the installation of a structural glass roof, an aluminium casement door, Keller minimal windows sliding doors and frameless glass balustrades.

This glass box extension was on the ground floor of the property with a basement level below. Due to this level change, frameless glass balustrades were installed adjoining the internal side of the sliding doors, which provided a safety barrier when the sliding doors were open and the views into the garden were not compromised.

Contemporary glazing has transformed the terraced house with a balcony style extension in glass. Using glass as a building material not only allows light to flood into the building but it also connects owners with their outdoor space to provide that desirable indoor-outdoor living environment.

Using vast amounts of glass within property developments and renovations has also been scientifically proven to promote the health and well-being of the occupants, due to the increase of natural light that brightens internal spaces.

Sliding glass doors are an excellent way of restyling the traditional conservatory, because they have the ability to completely open the walls of the ‘glass box’. In the picture Keller minimal windows sliding doors were used because they have an incredibly thin vertical sight-line, which doesn’t interrupt the views out into the garden when the doors are closed.

IQ Class UK which was used has grown from a small commercial glazing company back in the 1990s, cutting its teeth on highly technical façade and structural glazing projects whilst maturing into its current status as the UK’s largest specialist residential glazing company.

The 20,000 sq ft showroom is open Monday to Saturday by appointment only, where you can visit the largest architectural glazing showroom in the UK.


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