Top Tips for your Winter Garden

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•      Go for seasonal cover with the red and orange stems of dogwood, evergreens and plants with berries. Winter pansies make a good show as do the white flowers of Christmas Rose.

•      Dig organic matter like well-rotted manure, compost or well-rotted horse manure into the soil to prepare for next year.

•      If you have a vegetable plot draw up a paper plan for how you will rotate your crops next year to get the best out of your soil.

•      Put a layer of mulch around delicate plants to protect them in the cold season when the winter frosts strike. Using a natural mulch like a layer of straw or bark chips will improve the soil too, as the mulch breaks down it will enrich the soil.

•      Remember the birds who can starve in the winter when food becomes scarce and natural water sources can freeze over.  Top up bird baths with fresh water and watch that they don’t freeze and remember to top up the bird feeders.  Best of all when you buy new plants or trees opt for ones that provide winter sustenance.


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