Top tips for your autumn lawn

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It’s surprising how quickly a lawn can recover from a baking summer. In a matter of a couple of weeks it can go from brown and tatty to green and lush.  Nevertheless autumn is the time to give lawns a boost by scarifying and top dressing. It’s best to give it the last cut of the year first before embarking on some first aid.

Scarifiying is the posh name for raking to remove the layers of thatch and dead grass suffocating new growth. It’s also an idea to help the lawn to breath by using a fork to raise the soil slightly.
While brown patches green up because the grass roots tend to remain alive, gaps caused by dog or cat pee find it harder to make a come-back. These gaps can be greened up by applying a dressing of compost followed by grass seed with a few added handfuls of compost on top. Don’t forget to water and try not to walk on the new grass. With any luck come spring you will have a lawn to make the neighbours – with their paving and decking – green with envy.


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