Pick of the Paperbacks – November

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The international bestseller, that is now a major film, follows Rachel Chu spending the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend. The humble home she imagines turns out to be a palace with private planes and top dollar cars. This book is an insider’s look at the Asian jet set.






Over a million copies were sold in Japan and a film has been made from this book about a postman dying from a brain tumour who makes a deal with the devil to erase things from the world in exchange for a prolonged life. For every one thing he agrees can disappear he gets an extra day of life, and so he comes to decide what makes life worth living.






The Chalk Man is coming and everyone can feel it in the atmosphere of the small town – the fear that something or someone is watching. A teacher gave 12-year-old Eddie the idea of using chalk drawings as a way to leave secret messages for friends, but then the chalk men lead them to a body. Thirty years later, it looks like the chalk man is back. Will there be another body?






By the author of Girl on the Train, an addictive new psychological thriller – a multi-layered story that speeds along. The urgent read hinges on the stories we tell about the past and their power to destroy our present lives.







An unforgettable, highly-praised novel, about the possibility of love – or is it about infidelity and the pleasures and difficulties of intimacy? This is a bitingly funny novel in which four friends discuss sex, friendship, art and literature, while 20-year-old Frances has an affair with an older married man.






Factual Paperback Pick

Pebble-hunting is a hobby most of us indulge on the beach and this is a guide to its pleasures. Clarence Ellis manages to be witty while telling you everything you didn’t know about pebbles. He tells us how pebbles are formed and how to identify them with an illustrated guide on the back of the book jacket.



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