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Moon over Volcano is an original artwork by Don Blanding—the early 20th century poet who illustrated his own work with elaborate pen-and-ink drawings. He spent two years at the Art Institute of Chicago with the idea of becoming a commercial artist and became enchanted by Hawaii after seeing a play set there. He left for the islands with a just five dollars in his pocket.
It was in Honolulu that he landed his first job as a commercial artist, working as a cartoonist and spot illustrator for a local newspaper – painting portraits on the side. He went on to serve in the army and then travelled in Europe studying art in Paris and London before returning to Hawaii and taking up poetry.
This design originates from about 1930, so the influence of art deco is obvious.
Moon over Volcano is available as a wall mural from You select a size and finish. From £30 per square metre for standard paper.


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