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We love our homes and Ben Taggart’s models are a perfect way of celebrating them – a keepsake for when you move on or a unique gift. Ben’s individually handmade models are perfect, architecturally accurate ‘portraits’ painted and finished to capture the character of your home – from a weathered cornice to the texture of the brickwork (but you can choose to lose more prosaic features such as drainpipes!). Attention to detail means the result has a wonderfully lifelike appearance.

His eye for detail stems from a childhood love of making things out of cardboard at the kitchen table, a training at St Martin’s School of Art and a first job for a design company making sets.
Ben loves buildings and finding out about their past lives. His work involves producing historical pieces for museums and architects as well as smaller commissions for private clients.
Each house model is presented in a custom made box-frame, in stained oak, with non-reflective glass. The model is mounted on a sheet of card sympathetic to the colours and tones of the building. A title can be printed with the name of the house on the background as well as any other personalised text required – all designed to harmonise and complement the architectural style of the house.
Commissions take five to six weeks to complete and the average size of the finished framed portrait is about 30cm x 50cm. The scale of the models is usually models 1:50 which means that an ordinary front door would be about 4cm high. The average price works out at about £1,800, including vat and framing. The cost depends on the complexity of the building and the overall size.
Ben can work from photographs or will make a home visit.
See for more details or call Ben on 07966 539 861



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