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Marrakech Design was founded in Sweden in 2006 after Per-Anders Ovin and his wife Inga-Lill made a number of trips to Morocco where they became intrigued by the beauty and versatility of the tiles that have been made there for centuries.

Initially they focused on classic Moroccan/Arabic/French patterns, adapting the colours to fit Scandinavian and Northern European tastes but soon realised the potential there was in combining the traditional material and production process with a contemporary design.

In 2010 they launched their first designer line ‘Raval’ by the renowned Swedish designer Mats Theselius. Then in 2012 they teamed up with the Stockholm-based architects Claesson Koivito Rune on a collection of three patterns Casa, Dandelion and Stone. Dandelion (shown here) has since become a modern design icon.
These initial collections have been followed by several more – many winning design prizes.
The beautiful Aesop store in Covent Garden showcases ‘Dandelion’ in lawn/milk (above).
Marrakech tiles are shipped worldwide from Sweden. Dandelion, £153 per sq m (including VAT). See the huge range of very desirable tiles at


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