So South

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A ‘tangle’ of trunks and branches was the inspiration for the ‘haphazard’ look of the new Tangle Table designed by Dondoli e Pocci. The striking design has a bold and graphic structural steel base that can be finished in a selection of colours including white and copper. 

The good-looking table tops come in over 15 different materials including three hardwearing, family-proof ceramics: Calacatta ceramic, Gold Onice ceramic and the beautiful Ardesia grey ceramic – with a matt finish that is beautifully soft and warm to the touch. The tops are made from extremely durable, inorganic clay which is flexible and soft in its natural state but becomes rock hard after the firing process which means that it is far less prone to scratches and stains than a natural stone, such as marble. It’s perfect for messy kids or ‘plate draggers’ and clumsy wine drinkers. Other table-top finishes include veneers, solid woods, marbles and glass. 

Available in five sizes from £3,370.



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