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Kim Harvey

From small homes, to luxury developments and super-prime private residences Kim Harvey can bring that interior design touch that makes luxury into perfection.

Kim Harvey Interiors was founded in 2016 as a high-end interior design company based just outside London specialising in working across a broad spectrum of styles and budgets to meet all requirements. Kim talks exclusively to SOUTH about her design philosophy and unique experience.

Q: What is the biggest source of design inspiration?

A: I might see something on the catwalk that inspires me – a texture or a detail. Or I might see colours in nature that look particularly beautiful together and there are so many amazing details in historical interiors and architecture. If you are open to it, inspiration is all around you. I designed my last colour scheme based on a perfume bottle I saw in duty free. I loved the colour combination and texture and used that as my starting point.   

Q: Maximalist or Minimalism?

A: I tend to go for a bit of a mix. I don’t like to over style my projects but I like an element of detail and layering to soften the space and add interest, although I tend towards minimalism in my home.  

White flowers in a vase

Q: What is your design essential?

A:  I feel that careful space planning and scale is key to the success of a project. It’s tempting to focus on aesthetics over function but that can be a dangerous path. They need to work in conjunction with each other. The right layout, scale and proportions to the room will ensure that everything flows visually and functionally. Whether it’s having the confidence to scale furniture up in large homes or having the skill to maximise storage and seating in the tiniest of apartments, careful consideration as to how the client lives and uses the space makes all the difference to the finished scheme.  

Q: What is your favourite design “quick fix”?

A: Cushions and artwork – I love being able to change up a space for a particular event or season without spending a fortune by swapping in some new cushions and artwork. Over the last few years affordable art has become much more accessible and diverse, so quick fixes needn’t be super costly. 

Q: Your prediction for the next big design trend?

A: I still love working with grey tones, but I think we’ll start to see more warm neutral colours and beige and taupes creeping back in and stealing the show. 

Q: If you could live in anyone’s house whose would it be and why?

A: Since living in California in my 20s I’ve been fascinated by the luxury homes in the hills and Kurt Rappaport’s House in Malibu, designed by Scott Mitchell is an absolute inspiration. Nestled in the hills with pacific ocean views, the house has incredible expanses of floor to ceiling windows and combines interior finishes of concrete, white oak and antique granite beautifully. It’s got the longest infinity pool in California which obviously helps. 

Kurt Rappaport's house Malibu
Kurt Rappaport’s House in Malibu

Q: When decorating your home what do you splurge on?

A: Window treatments and artwork. I love fun and interesting artwork to create conversation and interactions with guests. Beautifully made curtains and blinds are money well spent and can transform the feel of a room and create a mood.

Q: What should you save on?

A: I love using beautiful fabrics but it’s not always necessary to use expensive fabrics. You can get lovely inexpensive fabrics for window treatments and upholstery and then spend more on the smaller feature items such as cushions or beautiful trims and leading edges on curtains. 

Q: The best design advice you have had?

A: To not always follow the trends. People can get fixated on the latest trends, but often clients want to ensure that their project will stand the test of time. Sometimes clients want something more individual, moved on slightly from what’s in vogue at the time.  

Q: What is your favourite thing about your home?

A: The natural light. We are lucky to have 5 metre ceilings with enormous full height windows that flood the rooms with light. I feel energised in light, bright spaces. 


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