How to maximise the value of your home.

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Interior designers and stylists create perfect homes


Interior designers and home stylists are being employed in residential moves, reports Neil Pertoldi of Abels Moving Services, holders of the Royal Warrant for Removals & Storage Services

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Interior designers can help homeowners enhance both their lifestyle and the overall value of their property through sophisticated redesigns, as Neil explains. “Abels moves some of the UK’s most beautiful homes, involving fine art and commissioned furniture pieces requiring specialist care. As a result we often work with home stylists and interior designers for private client projects or directly with the designers to support their moving, storage and specialist installation requirements.”

Maximising the value of your home

Abels collaborates with a range of home stylists, helping to deliver a return on investment by boosting property value. “For one client having immense trouble selling their home, we worked with a stylist to re-imagine the space, reposition shrowded items and store pieces that detracted from the sought-after style. The property sold amazingly quickly and shortly after we moved the delighted family into their new home, including their stored possessions.”

Creating the perfect lifestyle with our design partners


If you are looking to add a touch of luxury and style to your home, Accouter Group of Companies (AGC) and their interior design brands; Accouter Design, A.LONDON and BoxNine7 can help. They work with high profile clients in some of the world’s finest locations to create unique and personal spaces. Drawing on the significant expertise of experienced designers, artisans and storytellers, your ideas and inspirations are brought stunningly to life.

Susan Fisher from Iridium Luxury Interiors comments: “We often work with clients looking for their home to fit their lifestyle. They may have an ambition, but need someone to help bring it together, or perhaps create something from scratch. Very often clients invest in commissioned pieces of furniture and art – involving a designer in these big purchase decisions helps to get it right”.


When it comes to installing furniture, sculptures and works of art a specialist moving partner brings expertise and has the resources to manage the most complex situations – lifting a grand piano into a city apartment on the fifteenth floor via crane, handling a Fendi Casa – Boca do Lobo or safely transporting an original and delicate piece of fine art. Here Abels delivers.

Previously considered an option simply for the wealthy, using a home stylist is being used by a growing number of homeowners as a way to enhance sale values before moving. Creating an expertly curated style with unique pieces or renting striking art can help a property stand out in a crowded market.

Planning your new home

The right interior designer will not only achieve the perfect look, but if you are considering investing in larger statement pieces, their connections and knowledge might even save you money.

Whether you are looking to move home, store items, install fine art or transport heavy and complex pieces, with Abels you are assured of an impeccable service and expert guidance, across the UK or internationally. Moving discerning customers for generations.

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