Creation through collaboration

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Joined + Jointed founder Samuel Chan tells the story behind the award-winning design collective, and just what it is that gives their furniture lasting value

joined and jointed logo

Joined + Jointed – what’s in a name?

We’re a collective of furniture designers and makers. Our name describes the fact that we joined together to create pieces that are well-designed, well-made, and accessibly priced. To make furniture properly, you need joints; hence Joined + Jointed.

Why did you start Joined + Jointed? 

I launched Joined + Jointed in 2013 because I felt there was a gap in the market. Much of the mid-price furniture out there fall short in design and quality. As a furniture designer with his own in-house manufacturing, I thought we could offer something better. And we did – four designs from our debut collection were awarded Design Guild Marks from the British furniture maker’s Guild. Our aim is to make pieces you’ll use now and want to pass on – we want to create the classics of tomorrow.

How do you decide on designers to collaborate with?

Joined + Jointed designers are diverse in their ‘design handwriting’ but we share some important principles: we were all trained specifically to design furniture, which means we’re committed to originality, not reprising the past; we’re all interested in creating designs that stand the test of time; lastly we all have knowledge of how furniture is made – not something you can take for granted! 

Joined and Jointed bookcase
The ‘Concave’ Bookcase by Simon Pengelly for Joined + Jointed

Where are you based? 

Joined + Jointed shares a showroom on New King’s Road in Fulham with Channels (my own studio which offers bespoke furniture design). I’ve been based here since 1995. We have three floors of showroom, so there’s a lot of furniture on display.

Tell us about your collaboration with Kingston School of Art & Design. 

It’s part of ‘J+J Generations’ – an initiative I launched last year. We go into design colleges, set a competition, and promise the winner we’ll develop and market their design. The results of the Kingston competition will be launched in September at the London Design Festival. I’m committed to supporting British design education – historically among the best in the world but increasingly under pressure. 

Why do you like contemporary design?

It expresses hope – we work in the hope that although there is so much furniture out there, there is still the possibility that we might contribute some new and pleasing piece of design. Besides, you don’t have to make the choice between contemporary and classic/traditional design. If a piece of furniture has design and craft integrity, it contains a certain spirit which means it will happily sit alongside pieces from any era.

joined and jointed logo

Joined + Jointed, 1 New King’s Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4SB


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