So South | March

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A clever and colourful storage idea, Confetti is a versatile wall-mounted shelf system designed and produced in Sweden. It was created by Per Backstrom and has developed from a prize-winning idea into a fully grown design concept.

Confetti consists of three parts: back-plate, bricks and four shelves that easily can be composed in unique combinations. The coloured bricks (there are 15 shades to choose from – from soft pastels to brights) are arranged and then pushed in to the backplate. The panel is then hung on the wall and the shelves are finally pushed in between the bricks.

Several panels can be combined to create a larger wall piece and it’s possible to change the position on both bricks and shelves. You can also buy individual bricks to mix up the colours or to suit your room’s colour scheme.

The backplates, bricks and shelves are available in five sets at £182 each with extra bricks at £2.20 each at



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