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The online boutique LimeLace was born to address the lack of individualism which has emerged in recent years through the influence of high street chains. LimeLace realised that customers were looking for something unique and personal to them, so they set about building a website full of all those quirky, hard-to-find items, making it easy to buy products that really stand out. It’s founder Samantha King talks to London Property South.

It feels like playing it safe has become less popular with interiors lately. Lately there is a shift towards colour and boldness of form. Is beige gone for good?

Neutral colours are a safe and easy choice for interiors but bold colours are set to be on trend for 2018. Think emerald greens, rich blues and striking violets; but like all trends, these expressions are cyclical and personal. Bold and bright is not for everyone and there is always a place for soft and calming neutral colours.

What is the secret to interiors with flair and eccentricity? How can someone dip their toe in the water when it comes to decorating with more colour, texture and personality?

Your home is an expression of you, whether you’re calm and laid back, eccentric or outgoing and full of life.

The building’s structure/layout will determine the overall look and feel. If you move house, it can be the ideal opportunity to try new things. Be experimental; a chair that you have in your bedroom might look perfect in your hall. The side table that’s sat next to your sofa for all those years could look great sprayed gold and reused as a plant table.

Use Pinterest to collect interior images that you can recreate in your own home, and remember painting a room is not permanent. If you decide you really don’t like the new colour, you can always paint over it. More timid decorators can experiment with coloured cushions, throws, plant pots and candles to inject your home with a certain colour. Live with it for a month and see how it feels.

Which designers do you love for their bold style?

We only sell products that we love and know our customers will love; that’s the joy of being an independent business. All our designers are unique in their own way. We like the eccentric style of Mind The Gap who create eye-catching wallpapers and lamp shades, the exquisite statement designs which highlight female empowerment by Age of Reason studios, the minimalist metallic wallpapers by Erica Wakerly, the bold British designs by Mineheart.

We love supporting emerging designers under the umbrella of Graduate Collection for fine wallpapers, cushions and ceramics.

What themes/colours can you see on the horizon for 2018 interior trends?

Mixing metallics – don’t just stick with one metal in a room. For this shining trend, pair chrome or gold with brass, copper and rose gold to create a contemporary look.

Industrial Trend –still strong for 2018, think exposed brick wallpapers, concrete furniture and steel lighting.

Global influence – combine hand-crafted textiles, jungle themed cushions and wallpapers, faux and real plants and earthy tones on walls and furniture.

What are your top 5 pieces in the shop right now and why do you love them?

Metallic Lets Rock Hand Candle, £22.95. Combines metallic with expression

Roest Vertical Pendant Light by Karven

Roest Vertical Pendant Light by Karven, starting from £185. Gorgeous industrial style lighting with rust finish

Metallic Herringbone Wallpaper, £450. Wallpaper which combines the metallic and ethnic trend!

Brooklyn Vintage Antique Ribbed Glass Retro Funnel Wall Sconce (Industville –The Althorp), £79 The ribbed glass shade and vintage holder makes it the perfect way to tap into the increasingly popular industrial trend whilst maintaining a sense of grandeur.


Red Hot lips cushion

Red hot lips cushion, £55. Feminist inspired cushion

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